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Why Hire Us?

With our customized landscaping design program - you can see your finished landscape before work begins. We take the guesswork out of how it will look. Deanna is an experienced horticulturalist, landscape designer and project manager. This means that everything is taken care of from A to Z, including appropriate and gorgeous plants that are perfect for your yard and your maintenance level.

For our local customers please note that our company takes extra safety measures to protect everyone from the COVID-19 virus. This means that we have regulations in force while meeting you or working on your property and operate at 100% self-sufficiency.

We may not be able to shake your hand but we still get the job done!

Local Landscape Installations Design Services -Canada and USA
Whether you need curb appeal for the front of your home, or would like to create a safe and fun backyard to hang out in - we can help.

We treat every design as if it were our own, and each step is explained in detail before the work starts.
Today's technology allows us to help people achieve the garden of their dreams, no matter where they live.

From Washington to New York, Ontario to B.C., the Carolinas, Michigan and Ohio, we love helping people turn their yards into beautiful, usable areas.

Step 1)
We will meet at your property, walk around to view the area, discuss styles, preferences, problem areas, etc. Photographs and measurements are taken.
Step 2)
Your landscape is designed and a written quote provided, including detailed information. As with all our design work, the thinking behind the plans are discussed.
Step 3)
If you would like to move forward, we reserve the project and schedule the work.

Step 1)
Forward some photos of the area, along with any thoughts you may have, and we will provide you with a written quote. Communications are at our expense.
Step 2)
If you would like your garden designed, kindly forward your payment, and the design process begins with discussions about styles, plant preferences, etc.
Step 3)
Your garden designs are completed, including detailed notes, garden plans, and plant list.

GARDEN DESIGNS BEFORE AND AFTER: Enjoy viewing some of the landscapes we
have designed for people across Canada and the U.S. Feel free to share!

There’s a reason why MORE PEOPLE VISIT GARDENS THEN DISNEYLAND AND DISNEY WORLD COMBINED! We understand how important it is to take a break from hearing constant bad news, and instead, have fun with family and friends. A place to just de-stress in your safe haven.

Not sure if you feel the same but with the current situation for 2020 and 2021 we really appreciate being able to create some joy in our daily lives. We may not be able to travel far, but we can still build our own private “sanctuaries” that help us enjoy life more. Our services make it easy for you to achieve this.

“Absolutely stunning! Thank you for the wonderful landscape design. We look forward to implementing your beautiful plan this summer.
It will totally transform the look of the home from the street and add so much intrinsic value and beauty to the property. Thank you once again.
You were a delight to work with."
J.I., Napanee, Ontario

"Hi Deanna! Thank you so much for your work! It is truly stunning and I love the plants you chose for us. I also really like how you brought
the landscape out in front. I would never have been able to come up with this myself. Each morning I even enjoy looking out of my
bay window and seeing all this! Thank you, again, for the great plans."
K.A., Livonia, Michigan

"Wow, this is so beautiful! You really put thought into our property. The most amazing thing is that you sensed so accurately my own taste, and this is really impressive. I love the variety of shrubs and annuals, and the colors. Thank you so much again for your beautiful work, I'm very happy that I found you!"
S.G., Toronto, Ontario

"Thank you very much for the design. It is beautiful and I love it. The first thing I noticed were the evergreen accent trees. It really feels
balanced and grounded. I love my new backyard!"
L.M., Raleigh, North Carolina

"Deanna - you captured everything I was envisioning! I absolutely love it! I love how you created an oval garden in the middle of our large front yard as we just didn't know what to do with this larger area. Can you do my backyard next? Thank you so much!"
A.R., London, Ontario

"Dear Deanna and John, our new front landscape is just beautiful! Thanks so much for listening to me rant on about the plants I love. My husband was floored with your detailed plans as well (and that doesn't happen often!) Thanks so much, it was really easy working with you."
E.W., Redmond, Washington
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