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A company “perk” of our work is that we get to meet wonderful people. And just like people – each house is unique. No two are alike - neither are our designs.

Every plan is customized and we pay special attention to the style of the house, best tree and plant choices, adding interest/form/colour, customer preferences, problem areas, maintenance levels, and many more details.

Here is a snapshot of some of the landscape designs, and challenges, we have created. We hope they inspire you.

This large property needed a landscape to match. We designed a formal style to add to the property's elegance. With magnificient evergreens and stunning Cutleaf Japanese Maples, this property looks good in every season.
Here's a blank canvas - turned into function and style. The shade tree offers relief from the hot sun on the deck and the curves of the gardens add much appeal. Colour in foliage and blooms makes this backyard a lovely place for a family to spend time together.
Although this house wasn’t even built yet, the family who bought it needed the landscape designed asap so that the builder knew where to place the driveway, walkway and garage foundation. Designing with specific trees, an arbour, and seating, the whole front turned out cohesive and very welcoming!
A tall, slim European Hornbeam suited this new house, along with foliage colour to carry interest throughout the year. Pulling the garden area down the driveway balanced the house-to-landscape ratio, but still left room for a place to put the snow in winter.
The entire backyard of this home was bricked and the new owner really wanted gardens and a lawn. The actual brickwork was not in bad shape so we purposely left a circle around the island bed for a path. Immediate privacy was also needed, hence the large flowering Newport Plum, Dogwood and Crabapple. As the lady of the house enjoyed butterflies and hummingbirds, we planted Purple Coneflowers, Liatris, a Serviceberry, a fruiting Mulberry and majestic Canna Lilies. This backyard was transformed into a loverly oasis!
This exquisite home needed a good foundation and elegant plants. The long walk from driveway to front door was "broken" by echoing a portion of the landscape on the opposite side. Well-chosen tree and shrub specimens with beautiful forms and textures, together with appropriate perennials, finished the look. The property value has increased and the home now has great curb appeal.
This backyard was open and a little disorganized, plus the pool edge was not very safe. We created two outdoor "rooms" by separating the pool and garden area and ensured there was plenty of room for sitting. Without creating an absolute barrier between the two areas, we chose Alberta Spruces and formal Boxwood, and echoed the material of the chairs with red annuals. The inviting arbour leads you to the gardens.
The already existing large trees behind the house were great! We framed the house with a pair of Bloodgood Japanese Maples, then used shrubs with appropriate heights and forms to accent the different sections. Using blue with the tree-form Globe Spruce and deep blue Lobelia worked beautifully with the grey brick.
This lovely bungalow in Belleville needed a functional entrance and curb appeal. We designed a new front walkway and flanked it with stunning plants. The customer now has four season interest and an inviting entrance.
This shady backyard was not being used. The customer wanted to keep the privacy, but have a lovely garden to look at from the deck. We removed the overgrown Lilacs and created a clear separation of garden and lawn. A lovely arbour and bird bath were added as focal points, and appropriate plant material for shade conditions was installed. Now the customer enjoys the outside of her home and has "reclaimed" her property!
The customer wanted elegance, and this style certainly would compliment the house. Stunningly shaped evergreens make it look stately and add much curb appeal.
These new owners really loved English style gardens and also needed privacy. Trees planted at strategic areas provided the privacy without creating a crowded feeling. A flowering Magnolia, Ivory Silk and Dogwood were used, plus taking advantage of the chain-link fence, we chose large-flowered Clematis vines. Creating a circular garden in the centre brought the focus inwards and wonderful plants such as Peonies, Roses, Lilacs and Lavender provided long-blooming periods.
A new home in need of a landscape. First, we extended the front stoop to echo the entrance. Bringing the steps and walkway out and towards the driveway created an easier and safer approach. Curved gardens finished the look but didn't hide the beautiful brick facing of the building.
We were asked to design a garden at this Trenton park for all to enjoy. The existing boulders were great so we kept them. To create a proper balance, a large space calls for a large element - a walking bridge was a great choice. Plus, three pink Crabapples were planted which can certainly be seen from a distance. With the evergreens, deciduous trees and shrubs, this garden will be enjoyed all year long.
The corner of this backyard, at the far end of the pool, was a dead zone and unsightly, plus further privacy was required from the neighbours. Needing a large focal point, we chose a fantastic walking bridge. Creating a "stream" under it and flanking it with bright Celosia accented it further, and shade-tolerant Hydrangeas were planted en masse for effect. Newport Plums were strategically positioned and added more colour to the area. What a great transformation!
This grand property needed a grand landscape. A formal tone was used with exquisitely shaped topiaries, along with statuary. Larger specimens were chosen to balance the size of the building, and appropriate perennials to accent them were added. Edged with low growing Boxwood, this property is now very elegant!
The walkway, steps and raised beds were perfect, however the small amount of plants and plants choices were minimizing the entrance. Deep green evergreens with elegant shapes ensured year-round interest!
The side of this home needed form and function. The space separated the house and garage and was in clear view when approaching the front entrance. Plus there was a change in elevation. It needed to look good and be useful. We created a peaceful retreat that tied in with the rest of the property.
The new owners of this home needed more space for seating at the front and a walkway. Plus, they were unsure if they were going to keep the blue trim. First we extended the front porch to fit the width of the whole house, then installed a simple curved walkway. The plants were the star of the show. Two sparkling pink Eastern Redbuds framed the house, followed by a tree-form Blue Globe Spruce and Weeping Mulberry. Adding blue Hydrangeas and striking blue Wave Petunias, along with yellow accent shrubs really emphasized the whole theme. Repeating a little white in the garden in the form of the bird bath helps blend the white of the house, and purposely keeping the bench a natural cedar made it a focal point. What an open and inviting entrance this is now!
This property already had good "bones", and we wanted to work with the mature Maple and existing lamp post. We added plants with red tones, such as the elegant Cutleaf Japanese Maples and Red Baron Blood Grasses, to balance the front door. Then we included the golden Threadleaf Cypresses and Hakonechloe Grasses for beautiful contrast. Creating a break in the garden where lawn reaches the walkway allows for open space and access to the yard.
The Anglican Church in Frankford needed an uplift. We didn't want to hide the original stonework, windows and architecture, plus the two existing Yews were healthy and in a good position. We came up with a plan to add colour, interest and form and balanced the building on the left by installing one spectacular Flowering Newport Plum.
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