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About Us

Nestled in the beautiful farmland of south-eastern Ontario we are so lucky to be surrounded by the natural landscape. We operate our business from our home and love the country life.

The Garden Place is a family-run garden design and installation company and we grow our own flowers and veggies. We have to laugh when some people ask us “you are seniors – why don’t you retire?” Truth be told, we just love our work. To us, it’s the journey that counts. Our life philosophy is “do the best we can, help each other, work hard, keep discovering, and have fun along the way” type of thing.

It is very satisfying to share our knowledge and experience and have other people realize the potential of their own properties. Feedback from our customers is what fuels our energy.

In a nutshell we are a mix of garden ‘savoir-faire,’ and old-fashioned integrity.

Deanna and John

Our Team

With no false modesty, I (Deanna - that’s me – the head designer!), state emphatically that I can design all I want at the desk but that it’s the team who makes it happen. If it wasn't for their stamina, pride-of-work, brains and muscles we couldn’t do what we do.


- wife of John, designs landscapes until the cows come home, loves flowers


- husband of Deanna, logistics, IT, can grow anything from seed


- shovels like the Dickens, best wheelbarrow-runner the world has ever seen


- horse whisperer, best digger of dirt, keeps us grounded with great ideas


- wages war with weeds, can plant 3,000 tulips a second, makes us look good

Country Mouse

This sounds like a “move to the country” story, but that’s exactly what we did. We started our landscaping business 14 years ago and it’s been the most amazing journey.

Not to toot our horn but we’ve won awards, earned recognition, done presentations, wrote editorials, featured in magazines, interviewed on the radio, and have happily been a part of a great community.

From the beginning with earning a landscape degree at University of Guelph, to designing over 300 landscapes, and recently creating the Quinte Botanical Gardens (see, we have met so many wonderful people, and continue creating gardens

Our Community

We have been very fortunate to work at something we love and can think of no better way to say “thank you” than to give back to our community by helping out with local projects or organizations. Some of them are:

Senior's Gardens designed and built gardens for senior residents at Crown Ridge Nursing Home. Then switched hats and are keeping them connected to their community with our “Keep Me Company” programs. This wonderful project is on-going and we look forward to having the seniors and caretakers enjoy 4,000 tulips we planted as a spring surprise!

Homebuild for Healthcare 100 trades people got together and helped build a beautiful home, offering either material or labour. We designed and built the landscape. The net proceeds of the sale were donated to the Trenton and Belleville hospitals for equipment purchases.

Community Living Quinte West , a handful of us landscapers designed and built Sensory Gardens.

Habitat for Humanity, designed and built the landscapes for the Trenton and Frankford homes.

Holy Trinity Church, designed and made-over the gardens at this place of worship in Frankford.

Health Benefits of Having a Garden

During our work experience we have seen how gardens help people. In our opinion the definition of gardens is: a place where a person feels down-to-earth (excuse the pun!), healthy, relaxed, happy, alive, joyful, and peaceful. It is not expensive and anyone can do it.

That's how gardens help humans.

For details on our beliefs and a list of the physical and mental health benefits of gardens, take a look at www.qbgardens/health - it’s an eye-opener!

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